Rides and Care for Kids
Peace of Mind for Parents

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Rides, childcare and playdates are all just a few taps away, wherever you are.
It’s true that it takes a village to raise a child – this one fits right in your pocket!

KangaDo helps get things done

Need a carpool partner in your neighborhood for the ride to school?

Find and join your school group, then connect with the parents closest to you.

Want a private carpool group for your sports team?

Create a custom group for your team in KangaDo, then request rides in the app.

Looking for local playdates?

Join your neighborhood group in the app to see who’s nearby.

Drivers & Sitters for Kids

Whether your kids need a ride, childcare, or a combination of the two, KangaDo can get your most precious cargo where it needs to go - and make sure they are cared for, both during and after the ride. Car seats can be provided as needed.

All KangaDo Drivers & Sitters have experience caring for kids, stellar references, and have passed our highly selective KangaDo screening process.

Background Check
Criminal searches from multiple counties and databases
Sex offender searches from mul tiple counties and databases
Multiple aliases
DMV Check
From multiple counties and data bases
Clean, safe car model year 2005 or later
Two Reference Checks
In-Person Interview
Sitter & Driver Training
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